pure food

Strawberry Amaranth cream.

Ha! Strawberry Amaranth cream. ✨Gluten free & vegan! ✨ I made this cream yesterday because, I wanted to do something different with this amaranth grains that trouble me all this time. How are people supposed to eat this grain? It’s so tiny!  


Traditional Greek Chickpea Stew.

Traditional Greek Chickpea Stew! This is an oscar winning performance for this phenomenal legume that was gifted to us from nature in abundance. So grateful for it. I mean, look at it. A beauty for the eyes. And the taste…unique! Chickpeas become complete in the oven. Can’t get any better […]


No Bake Sweet potato Brownies! ✨Gluten free & vegan! ✨

No Bake Sweet potato Brownies! ✨Gluten free & vegan! ✨ I am so excited about this recipe. It is so nutritious, so good and so satisfying. Sometimes, vegan desserts don’t satisfy my needs. But this brownie…hits the spot! Easy to find ingredients list too! Take a look. So much nutritional […]


Creamy Gnocchi Cherry tomatoes & Carrots get together.

My Italian friend over here is damn yum. But I have actually never ever cooked them before! Crazy! And I have lived in Italy for three whole years! Ok, I was too young back then, but I did cook 👨‍🍳. Regular pasta mostly. I have no idea why it took […]


Quince Tart Tatin!

Quince tart tatin! Gluten free & vegan! I’m telling you these quinces gave me a hard time but I managed to domesticate them with honors! Overall I had lots of fun making this with my kiddos who helped prolong the process with grace and laughter. 😄👧🏼👱🏻‍♀️💖  


Greek “Horta”. Χόρτα!

Dandelion greens & Chicory greens mixed Salad with olive oil and lemon juice. Simple, pure & so nutritious! “Horta” is their Greek name, generally referring to boiled greens.  


Hot Oat Bran Spiced Shake.

Ζεστό ρόφημα με Βρώμη,μήλο & αχλάδι,πολύ κανέλα και κάρδαμο 🍎🍐 Σήμερα βάλτε κανέλα παντού. Γιατί;