Fig & purple Grape Marmalade With Chia! ?Μαρμελάδα Σύκου & μωβ σταφυλιού με chia!

Fig, Grapes & Chia. What a thrill!

My very first marmalade attempt was a success! Which certifies that when your ingredients are on point, you can’t loose. ???

Figs remind me of my father, my homeland, the island of Kalymnos where I first tasted them. A magnificent fruit, a beautiful one, a tasty one. But like all great things, they don’t stay around for long. You got to find ways to keep them with you longer. Marmalade is an awesome way to enjoy this fruit as it is naturally sweet thus it doesn’t need lots of sugar. Healthiest marmalade in town if you ask me. ?

If you don’t like cardamom, just don’t add it! I like it too much! But you can play around and add cinnamon or just leave it as that!

Grab your ingredients and lets do this!


800 grams figs

400 grams purple grapes

Juice of one lemon

3-4 tbsp chia seeds

140 grams coconut sugar

2-3 tbsp carob syrop

1 tsp cardamom powder

1 tbsp cardamom pods

1 vanilla pod


Dont peel the figs!!! Just cut them in pieces. Cut grapes in pieces too. Put 1 cup water into a deep pot and add the fruit. Then add the sugar and the spices leaving the chia apart.

Stir to mix well and let cook for 50 minutes covered. It should be runny consistency still but that’s ok! It will get thicker once the chia is added. Remove from fire and add the chia seeds.

Let aside for an hour to cool down and then with a hand mixer blend the marmalade into smaller chunks until desired consistency. I like it chunky!

Enjoy it with yogurt, oats, on toast, into pies, smoothies, I mean, get it? Possibilities are endless!


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