Black Eyed Peas Salad⚜️Σαλάτα Μαυρομάτικα

Simple yet very nourishing, this salad is fabulous!

Colourful, tasty and so healthy, black eyed peas salad gives a joy to my table and I hope you get to experience it too!

No fancy dressings, just olive oil, Himalayan salt and black pepper for this nourishing bean salad. Quick, easy, peasy.

You know, black eyed peas do not need soaking! What a thrill! I mean, I can just think about the salad, get the ingredients and next think you know, I am eating it! That’s why I name this bean the friendliest bean around.

But there’s another thing…This salad HELPS YOU LOOSE WEIGHT!!! No joke. Let me explain.


Black-eyed peas are a low-fat and low-calorie food, making them a healthy addition to a weight-loss meal plan. One cup of black eyed peas contains:

14 grams protein

1,5 gram fat

11 grams fiber

So you see, inevitably this legume helps you stay healthy, helps you maintain a high protein, low fat diet plan and provides a nutritional storehouse of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, at the same time!

Also, legumes promote intestinal health

Packed with fiber, legumes aid colon cleanse and thus help weight reduction and general colon health which is tremendously important for the human body. This way, they avoid colon bacteria growth and promote nutrient absorption more effectively.

Let’s get down with it!


half package black eyed peas

half ripe avocado




green pickled peppers

caper seeds

fresh mint leaves

olive oil

himalayan salt

black pepper


Boil beans in water for 5 minutes and discard the water. Put new fresh water in the pot and boil for 20 minutes until soft.

Cut your vegetables in small cubes.

Add over your beans, pour olive oil, salt & pepper and mix well.

Ready! Quick right? Amazing! A complete meal. ?


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