pure food

Greek “Horta”. Χόρτα!

Dandelion greens & Chicory greens mixed Salad with olive oil and lemon juice. Simple, pure & so nutritious! “Horta” is their Greek name, generally referring to boiled greens.  


Hot Oat Bran Spiced Shake.

Ζεστό ρόφημα με Βρώμη,μήλο & αχλάδι,πολύ κανέλα και κάρδαμο 🍎🍐 Σήμερα βάλτε κανέλα παντού. Γιατί;  


Sweet & Savory Autumn salad.

Sweet & Savory Autumn salad with a light mustard & apple cider vinegar dressing. Ok, so this is semi raw salad, cause, cooked beans!  


Sprouted buckwheat salad.

Let’s start sprouting! ( I am not as crazy as I sound to be) Genius technique to gain even more benefits from seeds and legumes. Also eco friendly cause you consume less energy than boiling. Class A.⚡️I am in all the way. What do you say? 🌱🤗💚🌷🌱  


Cabbage & baby spinach Salad with an apple, pear dressing.

This salad has a secret weapon! Whoever eats it regularly can claim with total certainty that he or she prevents ischemic strokes. Cause the old saying now has become “an apple & pear a day keeps the stroke away. White fruits! Genius nature struck again! 😉 ⚜️ Ingredients: white cabbage, […]


Herb Mayo! I love ya dipper & spreader

Give me a reeeeeeeeeason to love yaaaaaa Know that song? Come on! It’s not that old! Oh, well,  actually it is, but let’s not make a fuss about it. 😏😁 Herb Mayo with fresh mint & dill. I love this mayo & she loves me back. Now that doesn’t happen everyday […]


Digestion Boosters!

Raw balls with seeds, gluten free grains, dried apricots & prunes. Talk about a digestion boost! These ingredients made my digestion increase from once every week to  


Pizza, gluten free & fabulous.

Forget pizza on Friday night. Gluten free pizza is just right every day! Feel me? This is a rice & corn flour pizza base topped with zucchini coins, mushrooms & a vegan oat milk besamel spiced with paprika. Makes my day, every day. 😉