Vegan applesauce muffins with praline peanut butter.

Vegan applesauce muffins with praline peanut butter making out on my table. Sooo sexy. 😍☺️ Think I may hang around and watch. 😁
💟easiest muffins ever!! 🎉👏🏼

Mix dry ingredients:
1 cup zea ( Triticum dicoccum) flour, or basically any flour you choose,
1 tsp baking soda,
1/2 tsp pink salt.
Mix wet ingredients:
1 cup applesauce,
2 tbs agave nectar
1/4 cup praline peanut butter/or 3 tbsp regular plus 1 tbsp vegan Nutella (find the recipe in ‘desserts’)
1/2 tsp vanilla paste.

Mix dry & wet ingredients together, add black sultanas( or whatever dry fruit or nuts you may lust) and put in silicon molds or cupcakes. Top with praline peanut butter & experience a blissful moment in time.


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