Well, what can I say. I am not a consistent type of girl. I am lazy. But somehow things get down anyways. 😁 You see, I feel an absolute hopelessness about doing the same thing repeatedly. I object. Even if it is for a good cause. Like when I know I should put on day cream everyday. I don’t. It doesn’t make me cool. It makes me going around with a dehydrated skin. So here comes this rescue intervention cream that balances days of neglect. If you are like me, or if you are just so consistent with your daycare that you want to offer your skin a home spa, try this one out! ⬇️


1 tsp cocoa butter melted

1 tsp shea butter

1 tsp jojoba oil

9 drops Tea tree essential oil


In a small bowl put Shea butter and pour over melted Cocoa butter. Add jojoba oil and mix well till combined. Finally add Tea tree oil and mix one last time. Ready to use!

Of course you can make a larger dosage for frequent use but I recommend to make this small quantity first to check how your skin reacts to it and if it gives you the green flag go ahead and make some more. It is important to understand that not every skin reacts the same with diy homemade skincare products. Maybe some ingredients will not fit your skin type, and it is possible for it to get irritated and generally disturbed by something. It has happened to me many times, and when I figure out what caused it I just remove that product.

very important!

Be precise about essential oil dilution guides. It’s not OK to drop more drops than described!! They may be natural, organic and all so pure but they are powerful and should be used with caution. Here you can see a general outline-a Dilution chart- to help you out! The usual dilution for face products is up to 2% dilution of essential oil in a carrier oil. So! If you haven’t done this yet, get into it! It’s actually so much fun!!