✨The Papaya Glow effect!!✨

Papaya and agave nectar for…

You know, my skin is very thin, and dull usually, due to my seborrhoea condition, so, to achieve a slight tendency to glow is all papaya’s miracle!!

Nature never stops to impress me. It has an answer to every problem. You don’t need to go far, or expensive, or complicated. Simple ingredients, wonderful results! That’s Nature! Ok, I know, papaya is not a usual fruit you find just laying over at grocery stores. But if you know where to go, you can find it easily even in down town Athens! Try this amazing face mask please!


1/2 papaya fruit

1 tsp agave syrup

1 tsp lemon


In a food processor blend All ingredients until almost smooth. Put on your face for 15 minutes preferably laying down to avoid the papaya chunks from falling down! Remove with water & a sponge. Trust me, this will leave your skin feeling like a star!



Actually, papaya contains substances that cause the vessels to dilate and therefore provide more blood on the area. Where there is more blood, there is more oxygen, where there is more oxygen, there is more cell life. Papaya and lemon contain antibacterial properties that will kill off acne-causing bacteria from the skin. Papaya also has a deep-cleansing action that will push out all the gunk from clogged pores. Because of an enzyme called papain!

Promotes skin regeneration. Contains anti-inflammatory properties that heals conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema. Exfoliates skin. Lightens skin tones and decreases pigmentation. Acts as a skin softener that smoothens out rough skin and clears acne.

Acts as a natural astringent. Tightens large pores. Kill germs on the skin’s surface. Deep-cleanses pores and refreshes skin.

Ok, this is me after using this homemade papaya face mask. No filters whatsoever!



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