Minority is the driving force of kettles.

People need a name. Something that differentiates them from the other. Yet, our uniqueness is not indicated or depended by our name. It is our own self that puts his existence out there and stands out, or mingles in the crowd. Getting over labels is difficult. Our parents taught us to have specific characteristics. And we will teach our children the same. We will keep the ones we agree on and discard the ones we rejected. So names, adjectives make sense. They describe our reality. But does that make them necessary? No, it doesn’t.

I struggled to fit into a certain category when I settled on my dietary beliefs. I felt I was to blame since I thought I am the one that has to agree with the already existing labels. And then I felt weak. And accused my weakness for it all! Till I realised, IT IS MY RIGHT not to fit anywhere. It is my right. Right? Hell yeah! I can believe fairies are real, eat fish and vegan food all at the same time and feel OK about it. IT’S OK. So I did. I put my real beliefs out there, stopped accusing my needs, and accepted my diversity. No need for labels. No need. Now I am confident regardless the quantity of complies. In fact now I understand that acceptance has the quality you define for it. All you need is love crap does not apply over here. Minority is the driving force of kettles.


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