Sunday night.

Sunday night in my mind makes my thoughts run free and wild. So many expectations, so many desires, so many plans. You got to love Sunday nights, right? Kids all tucked in bed, organizer on hold waiting to be updated, (lie, I never evah use one) and suddenly my heart feels chocked up from the inside…! What’s the matter dear? what are you stressed for? aren’t your moments full of bliss, health, rooftop in place, fridge all full? Oh, I know whats up. Its my ever not stopping desire to decide ahead of time about which & how many things I am going to mess up again this week. You see my self considers to be a medium. So, before it happens, myself knows what I am & I am not capable of delivering. My self is a constantly criticizing bastard. I ignore it, but it comes right in front of me like a boomerang. BOOM! I told you so…Wish it was Monday morning already. When messing up goals seems ok due to unexpected random situations popping up like crazy universe jokes. But Monday is another post. Bring it on! Goodnight.





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